HOW IT WORKS: We offer 3 delectable flavors, Original Sweet and Salty, Cheddar Makes It Better and Cinnamon Toast. Each bag of Original can be sold for $10.00 and the Flavored Bags for $12.00

[Option 1] Gotta Have It

This option allows you to pre purchase your tasty kettle corn. It engages your audience and allows them to purchase more if it is available to them.

  • Purchase Your Gourmet Kettle Corn for $5.00 per bag.
  • Resale for $10.00 per bag
  • Every $25.00 purchase gets you a BONUS BAG to be sold or used as a sample bag. A value of $10.00.

[Option 2] All For 1 & 1 For All

This option allows the whole team to have fun selling kettle corn. Each individual will have a goal and take pre orders. 

  • Each team member gets as many individual orders as possible. 50% of the funds go to your organization. (It will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for orders to be filled upon turning in orders forms and payments.)
  • For every 20 Facebook or Instagram Likes to the Naughty But Nice Page you get a BONUS BAG to be sold or used as a sample bag. Must use #hashtag created for fundraiser. A value of $10.00

[Option 3] Pop It Like It’s Hot

This option allows you to add some fun and excitement to an event your are hosting for your fundraiser.

  • We come out onsite to your event and pop to get your attendees engaged and offer Hot Fresh Kettle Corn.
  • We will pop a minimum of 2 hours and a max of 4hrs.
  • Your Organization will receive 60% of the proceeds.